Family Owned & Operated

By Gobo is a family owned and operated business who have been servicing the local community since 2000.

We Supply and Install custom made Aluminium Windows, Doors, Shower screens and Mirrors for residential and commercial clients. Whether you are building a new house, renovating, are an owner builder or just looking to upgrade and replace, we can help.

We offer a personalised, friendly service and pride ourselves in the quality workmanship of our products.

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New Homes


Commercial Buildings

Schools & Learning Centres

Peace Of Mind

By Gobo provide products and services to help people secure, protect and enjoy the sanctity of their homes and premises. We offer a personalised and friendly service throughout the measuring, manufacturing and installation process.

Family Owned & Operated

Quality Assured

Trusted in WA since 2000

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide quality products and services that serve well and help people achieve individual expression in their property, so that they can maximise the enjoyment of what they see – both of themselves and of the outside world – from the personal, secure environment of their property.

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What is a Gobo?

A Gobo is a frame through which light is projected or an image captured. When one looks through an opening to view an image or a distance, the effect of two planes is created: the interior of the building, which is near the ground, and the view to which one is looking – the far ground. The framing effect created by the window is a Gobo.

Is it time to replace your current windows, doors or screens? Contact us today for some honest advice.

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